W+D013 Mivos Quartet / Patrick Higgins - String Quartet No.2 / Glacia

Mivos Quartet // Patrick Higgins || String Quartet No.2 + Glacia
Special one-off CD/LP with ExCathetra Records
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I. Introduction Monolith .I
II. Double Canon Melting .II
III. Envelopment Wind Tunnel .III
IV. Deviation Snowfall, Antarctic .IV
V. Return
VI. Double Canon
VII. Reminiscence/Segue

String Quartet No.2 + Glacia is a unique pairing of a work of modern classical music with its own electronic "remix" – an experimental re-composition of the string quartet, manipulating and layering playback speed and duration.

Part one presents Higgins' String Quartet No.2, a seven movement work that explores the function of memory and recollection as musical forms. Developing across a palindromic movement structure, the quartet moves through a cycle of compositional styles from diatonic tonal material, to atonal, lyrical writing, to twelve-tone, micro-tonal, and indeterminate materials --the work is concerned with the ability of musical form to reconstruct or "remember" across extreme developments in material. This work was composed throughout 2011 and premiered by the Mivos Quartet at Littlefield Art Space in Brooklyn, January 2012. It received its second performance at Issue Project Room in Frebruary 2012, with a third at (le) Poisson Rouge in downtown Manhattan, October 2013.

Part two presents Glacia. This work is an experimental re-imagining of String Quartet No.2, exploring extreme durational shifts and radical sound-field manipulations. Inspired by the interchange of the perceptual and physical properties of ice fields, it is a music that is at once static, monolithic and integrated, while still fluid, fragile, dynamic, and fleeting. Movements 1, 2, and 4 of Glacia are studio re-compositions of String Quartet No.2, and movement 3 (Wind Tunnel) is a duet for violin and laptop, performed by Joshua Modney and Patrick Higgins.

Limited Edition Double LP w/ 3 color splatter vinyl (Edition of 300) // Gatefold CD

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