W+D010 YouAreHere: The Maze Mixtape

Various Artists || YouAreHere: The Maze Mixtape C92

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Jantar - Holes for Eyes *  VAZ - Mistake Lake
Hieroglyph Thesaurus - Lights Camera Action   dubknowdub - Assholes and Oxtails *
C. Spencer Yeh - Solo Violin 6-12-11 *  Hubble - Hubble Potatoes *
Fuckton - Fucking Around (Live at Shea Stadium) *  Patrick Higgins - Bouree, Lute Suite No.1 BWV 996
Rainstick - Nite Train (Slang Edit) * Black Jeans - Mini Maxwell (edit) *
NYMPH - Bird Song *  MV Carbon - MAZEPIEC *
Psychic Reality - Yr Light *  Lucky Dragons - Between Attention and Attention *
Larkin Grimm - Liquid Gold *  GDFX - Mackswell #4 *
Manorexia - Vika *  Wish - Redemption *
Phone Tag - Cue (Yellow Magic Orchestra Cover) *  Kel Valhaal - Vitriol *
Marty McSorley - The Beat Is Mine (edit) *  Dustin Wong - Water on Face *

This sprawling compilation, W+D's first, is an aural and aesthetic extension of The You Are Here Festival, an enormous indoor Maze installation and conceptual music festival organized this past summer at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn and then again in early fall at Westgermany in Berlin. Featuring contributions from 22 artists who performed in the Brooklyn Maze, this massively ambitious 92-minute tape skitters relentlessly among a wide range of styles and genres, from local underground hip-hop to noise-dub, balls out rock 'n' roll to to genre unnamable.

Going beyond simply featuring artists who played in the Maze, the tape also evokes the visual experience of being inside of the Maze installation with its multiple overlapping layers of simple line art creating a depth-perception-confounding, three-dimensional web. Packed with exclusive tracks, 19 in total, this unique release is a must-have for fans of the compellingly weird and unexpectedly accessible.
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