W+D009 Slow Magic – ▲ C28

 Slow Magic || ▲ C28
a b
Corvette Cassette
Toddler Tiger Ο
Sorry Safari Youths
Feel Flows Music

Straight out of the ether comes Slow Magic debut physical release, ▲. Containing 28 minutes of blissed-out synthpop interwoven with infectious beats, found sound, and a post-____wave/____-fi sensibility that makes you question what you thought you knew about microgenres, hype cycles, and the self-consuming music blogosphere, ▲ is the perfect salve for your nervous psyche in the unseasonably warm winter of 2012.

In addition to re-masters of the four A-side tracks also available on Slow Magic's Soundcloud, you'll find four tracks on side B that are physical-release exclusives. This tour cassette will primarily be available from Slow Magic himself on his 31-night trek across Europe, but Slow Magic fans in the the rest of the world would be advised to pick up one of the limited copies here...they're gonna be sold out by the time he's back!

Stream one of the exclusives, "Music," at Vice's Noisey!

Limited edition, hand-numbered smokey tapes with gold foil labels
Each tape includes a high-quality digital download code

Sold out!