W+D008 Diamond Terrifier - Shrine Flu C22

Diamond Terrifier || Shrine Flu C22

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Shrine Flu Chicken Shaman
Porcupine Quills
The latest from Brooklyn's prolific-to-the-point-of-madness Sam Hillmer, SHRINE FLU spreads slabs of droning, meditative, pitch-shifted sax thickly over other-worldly-reverb'd scrapes, echoes, and sighs. Picking up where DT debut Himalayan Appalachia left off, SHRINE FLU concentrates its tiptoeing dystopian atmospherics into half the time with twice the punch. Described by Hillmer as "the part of the Venn diagram representing our collective psyche where spiritual paranoia & materialism overlap with political and economic paranoia & materialism," Shrine Flu is the perfect complement to a 21st century drowning in post-post-modern concepts of self, cultural memes that provide a conceptual framework for endless war, and a historically unprecedented sociopolitical death drive. The next time you flip on CNBC and hear some talking head pontificating about an economy predicated on "creative destruction," take it as another sign of the SHRINE FLU pandemic!

Make sure to redeem the digital download code included with your tape — in addition to high-quality mp3s of Shrine Flu, it includes a mindbending space-dub remix of the title track by UUMANS (Matt Mehlan of Skeleton$).

Stream the title track below:

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