September 7, 2013

Cassette Store Day!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Cassette Store Day event today at Silent Barn! Was great to talk to enthusiastic tape fans, meet some other labels (including Mirror Universe Tapes, who sold me my first new music tape in 2009), preview some tapes, and generally celebrate the medium. Speaking of celebrating:

W+D Cassette Store Day Exclusive: Patrick Higgins - OƎЯƎTƧ 2xc48
To celebrate Cassette Store Day, we've put together a super-limited inverted edition of last year's Impose favorite, the quardaphonic double-tape STEREO from Patrick Higgins. What does inverted mean? It means we flipped the red tapes with white text to white tapes with red text, inverted the album art, and hooked up the W+D mastering system with channels 3-4 to tracks 1-2, and channels 1-2 to tracks 3-4, resulting in a recording that plays the original STEREO program from end-to-beginning. Most music played backwards sounds like just that: a song, being played in reverse. The droning, metallic sounds of Higgins' uncompromising composition, on the other hand, take on a quality all their own when played in reverse, matching the original's deftness and agility but taking on a newly alien, haunting quality.

Edition of 15 hand-assembled tapes. Purchase link below!
15 red-on-white double-tapes || Inverted STEREO cover art