December 18, 2012

Patrick Higgins' STEREO on Impose Best Cassettes of 2012 list

We are honored to find that the most-recent W+D tape, Patrick Higgins' ambitious 4-channel double-tape STEREO, was listed among Impose Magazine's The Best Cassette Releases of 2012 list. Here's the blurb:
The phrase “quadraphonic recording” tends to set expectations of something so purposefully erudite and abstract that you’d probably have a better time having your friend who is really into Stockhausen explain the record to you, rather than actually listening. Even the idea of a quadraphonic tape release is inherently a bit exclusive, what with the need to sync up two stereo tape decks or actually own a quadraphonic mixer. Enter: NYC composer and Zs/Bachanalia member Patrick Higgins’ STEREO. The level of ambition and execution in this three-part, 40 minute long composition are powerfully matched, and the level of technique and the sheer amount of polyphony in this piece are actually stunning. This release pushes the conventions of the tape medium and the ear of the listener. The manic energy and uncanny appeal can’t be denied as this fever dream brain puzzle rips itself open again and again.

Copies of the tape are still available — click through to Releases to pick up one of 2012's best!