July 14, 2012

W+D010 YouAreHere: The Maze Mixtape - Full tracklist and tape art revealed + release show this Friday!

Excited to finally reveal the full tracklist and tape art for the Maze compilation, the 10th W+D release! Come out to the fifth night of the You Are Here Festival this Friday, July 20 at Secret Project Robot, and pick up a copy while you see tape contributors Dustin Wong and Marty McSorley + La Big Vic, Loud Objects, and a new special guest to be announced shortly!

A1 Jantar - Holes for Eyes *
A2 Hieroglyph Thesaurus - Lights Camera Action
A3 C. Spencer Yeh - Solo Violin 6-12-11 *
A4 Fuckton - Fucking Around (Live at Shea Stadium) *
A5 Rainstick - Nite Train (Slang Edit) *
A6 NYMPH - Bird Song *
A7 Psychic Reality - Yr Light *
A8 Larkin Grimm - Liquid Gold *
A9 Manorexia - Vika
A10 Phone Tag - Cue (Yellow Magic Orchestra Cover) *
A11 Marty McSorley - The Beat Is Mine (edit) *

B1 VAZ - Mistake Lake
B2 dubknowdub - Assholes and Oxtails *
B3 Hubble - Hubble Potatoes *
B4 Patrick Higgins - Bourée, Lute Suite No.1 BWV 996
B5 Black Jeans - Mini Maxwell (edit) *
B6 MV Carbon - MAZEPIEC *
B7 Lucky Dragons - Between Attention and Attention *
B8 GDFX - Mackswell #4 *
B9 Wish - Redemption *
B10 Kel Valhaal - Vitriol *
B11 Dustin Wong - Water on Face *

* Maze Mixtape exclusive!