July 21, 2012

Introducing Physical Filesharing Download Postcards

Since all of the Maze art is transparent, we had to fit the the tracklist and download code somewhere else. From this need was borne the idea of the Physical Filesharing Download Postcard: a limited edition Maze print on heavy gloss stock with the tracklist, release notes, and your download code on the reverse. There are four prints from inside this year's Maze; you can preview them all below, and pick a postcard of your choice when you buy a copy of the tape or a standalone download from Bandcamp.

Why a "Physical Filesharing Download Postcard"? Because each download code can be redeemed by 2 different users! After you download of the release, write the address on the address block provided, and physically share some files with a friend! Postcard stamps are only 32¢, and everyone loves getting mail that's not bills — why not surprise someone with some killer art & music?

Photo credit: Alexander Perrelli/perrelliphotography.com