June 13, 2012

Limited Edition Maze Compilation Coming in July!

This coming July, the art duo Trouble, comprised of Sam Hillmer aka the Diamond Terrifier, and his wife, sculptor Laura Paris, will be putting on a month-long exhibition called the YOU ARE HERE Festival at Secret Project Robot in Bushwick. The festival will feature some 50+ musicians and performers, and will take place in giant maze that fills up and subdivides the entire performance space, disrupting typical concert expectations by putting the performers and the viewers in the same confined, confusing space. The festival has already received glowing coverage from Impose, TinyMixTapes, and AdHoc.

As part of the festival, W+D will be releasing a limited-edition Maze Compilation tape featuring exclusive tracks from many of the artists who will be playing. We're working on something really exciting for the art, but the details aren't quite finalized yet, so check back for more on that soon.

In the meantime, swing by Vice's Noisey to read an interview with Hillmer about the maze, see the full lineup/schedule, and to stream the 30-minute MAZE MIX I put together for the festival.