October 21, 2010

2 New Tapes Out Soon

Two killer new tapes coming out soon on WORDS+DREAMS. The first comes from dark electro wizards GLITTER BONES. First released via their Bandcamp at the end of July, their EP AMULET CALLS will be available on beautiful silver-foil-inset C21s next week. Ghostly vocals reverberate, hanging in the air over dark, layered synths, a chopped n screwed hiphop sample, and beats to inspire your next goth rave. Tape edition includes a bonus extended intro track, phenomenal cover art, a WORDS+DREAMS sticker, and a high-quality download link for the tape version of the EP. Edition of 100.

Turn off yr light and check out the anchor track, "10:07/Amulet Calls" in the player above.

The second tape comes courtesy of Portland-based rockers Youthbitch, and it's loaded with swagger n riffs. Lifted straight from their Myspace, they very accurately self-describe as "Rocknroll to make your feet stomp and your stomach turn till yer head explodes and yer insoles burn and our set is over with. YEAH!" NO COAST is the first W+D exclusive, and it's also the debut full length for Youthbitch! With super-catchy guitar riffs over stripped down drums and an enviable rocknroll yelp, you won't want skip a single slam-bam-thank-you-sir/ma'am track on it. Tapes will be available in early November - run of 100.

Rock out to two tracks in the player above: theoretical lead single "Heart Attack" and Hives-riffing Youthbitch deep cut "I'm Coming For You."

Finally, the Spooktober tape mentioned last post is still in the works, and there are other exciting releases coming soon after these two, including (knock on wood) the first W+D release of an international artist. If you'd like to be on the mailing list to be notified when new releases are available, plus info on deals, bundles, and pre-releases, shoot an email to wordsplusdreams[at]gmail and tell me. Only 8 Guilty Ghosts tapes left! Head to the Releases page to get yours before it's too late!